Why We Love: Ray Liotta

By Nicole Sanders

Try to look away. Just try.

1. Mastered the impossible feat of making violence, drug abuse, women beating, murder, bad Jersey accents and tacky nylon suits look undeniably sexy in GoodFellas.
2. Is always yelling.
3. Was the best part of Heartbreakers.
4. Seems to be always bloated.


Why We Love: Sean Bean

By Nicole Sanders

I needed all of these buttons.

  1. His refusal to never turn down a role that involves armor, swords, and mythical kingdoms.
  2. Arguably the inspiration for Robert Zemeckis’ “Beowulf.”
  3. Will always make me cry when he tells Aragorn that he is “my brother, my king!”
  4. His brows are always furrowed.
  5. He most likely didn’t regret being in “Troy.”

Why We Love: Kyle Chandler

By Nicole Sanders


  1. Plays the most noble TV character of all time: COACH ERIC TAYLOR (Friday Night Lights, as if you didn’t know).
  2. Has perfected the “I hate you” face.
  3. When he speaks, you listen. Always.
  4. He is a Maker of Men.
  5. Knows how to work a good pair of Dockers khaki shorts with Reebok sneakers and ankle high socks. Basically everything I look for in a man.

Why We Love: Starbuck

By Sarah Sanders

Kara “Starbuck” Thrace, Battlestar Galactica (2004-2009).

1. She will throw down at the slightest provocation. And win.
2. She’s the Best Gods’ Damn Pilot in the frakkin’ fleet.
3. The Adama Men can’t help but love her.
4. She’s the “Harbinger of Death” – whatever that means…Is she dead? Is she an angel? Irrelevant. She’s awesome, because…
5. She found Earth.

Why We Love: Brendan Fraser

By Nicole Sanders

This isn't weird.

  1. His inexplicable desire to only play dimwitted / Neanderthal /primitive characters (George of the Jungle, Encino Man, Monkey Bone, Blast From the Past, Dudley Do Right, etc).
  2. His love of dancing.
  3. His puckered lips and Fabio hair during the 90’s.
  4. This picture.
  5. His phenomenal portrayal of a ginger dolphin loving poet in Bedazzled.

Also, He is Literally Always Dancing.