Top Five: Dance Sequences

By Nicole Sanders


Why We Love: Sean Bean

By Nicole Sanders

I needed all of these buttons.

  1. His refusal to never turn down a role that involves armor, swords, and mythical kingdoms.
  2. Arguably the inspiration for Robert Zemeckis’ “Beowulf.”
  3. Will always make me cry when he tells Aragorn that he is “my brother, my king!”
  4. His brows are always furrowed.
  5. He most likely didn’t regret being in “Troy.”

The Mummy

By Sarah Sanders

The Mummy (1999) ranks as one of history’s perfect bad movies. It’s on another level of awesome. And it rocks some of the greatest one liners of any film. These are my favorites. Enjoy!

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Why We Love: Kyle Chandler

By Nicole Sanders


  1. Plays the most noble TV character of all time: COACH ERIC TAYLOR (Friday Night Lights, as if you didn’t know).
  2. Has perfected the “I hate you” face.
  3. When he speaks, you listen. Always.
  4. He is a Maker of Men.
  5. Knows how to work a good pair of Dockers khaki shorts with Reebok sneakers and ankle high socks. Basically everything I look for in a man.

Girls Just Want To Have Fun

By Sarah Sanders

Girls Just Want To Have Fun (1985) is a Classic Dance Movie. SJP stars a Catholic school girl that just wants to DANCE! But her Army Dad says NO! So she sneaks around with a boy from the wrong side of the tracks and secretly DANCES! to win a TV dance contest. Other stuff happens too like a handful of weightlifting lesbians raise a car in the air, a drag queen screams, twins mirror dance, and the lead singer of a punk rock band crashes a debutante ball and slams his foot inside of a roast turkey.

Also, Helen Hunt wears stupid hats.

Those are dinosaur hair clips.

Accessorizing was a challenge in the mid 80s.

These side attractions but pale in comparison to the excellence that is the film’s theme song. If I could, I would dedicate an entire blog to it. No, not Cyndi Lauper’s anthem to carefree ladies. Nay, I prefer the intergalactic space jam theme, “Dancing In Heaven” by Q-FEEL. Because no one thought they would ever get their feet this far. Orbital be-bop!