Why We Love: Kyle Chandler

By Nicole Sanders


  1. Plays the most noble TV character of all time: COACH ERIC TAYLOR (Friday Night Lights, as if you didn’t know).
  2. Has perfected the “I hate you” face.
  3. When he speaks, you listen. Always.
  4. He is a Maker of Men.
  5. Knows how to work a good pair of Dockers khaki shorts with Reebok sneakers and ankle high socks. Basically everything I look for in a man.

4 thoughts on “Why We Love: Kyle Chandler

  1. Hi Sanders Sistas,

    My name is Travie and I adore Kyle Chandler as well!!!

    but not for any of the reason above.

  2. Hi Travie, thank you for our interest in our blog.

    I am compelled to ask what are the reasons why you love Mr. Chandler? Is it because of his undeniable sexiness or his smoldering dark eyes?

    Do let us know!

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