Girls Just Want To Have Fun

By Sarah Sanders

Girls Just Want To Have Fun (1985) is a Classic Dance Movie. SJP stars a Catholic school girl that just wants to DANCE! But her Army Dad says NO! So she sneaks around with a boy from the wrong side of the tracks and secretly DANCES! to win a TV dance contest. Other stuff happens too like a handful of weightlifting lesbians raise a car in the air, a drag queen screams, twins mirror dance, and the lead singer of a punk rock band crashes a debutante ball and slams his foot inside of a roast turkey.

Also, Helen Hunt wears stupid hats.

Those are dinosaur hair clips.

Accessorizing was a challenge in the mid 80s.

These side attractions but pale in comparison to the excellence that is the film’s theme song. If I could, I would dedicate an entire blog to it. No, not Cyndi Lauper’s anthem to carefree ladies. Nay, I prefer the intergalactic space jam theme, “Dancing In Heaven” by Q-FEEL. Because no one thought they would ever get their feet this far. Orbital be-bop!



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