By Sarah Sanders

Few movies really capture the innocence of the fantasy genre quite like the 1988 classic, Willow. There’s magic, swords, sorcery, an evil queen hellbent on obtaining a baby that isn’t hers, and, most importantly, dwarfs. It’s not every day that a movie portrays a midget as the reluctant hero. But don’t worry because Warwick Davis owns it!

What makes this movie awesome (not just that it was directed by Ron Howard and produced/co-written by George Lucas, though this helps) is that they are 100 percent serious. Throughout the entire movie. But the ridiculousness hits a climax when Val Kilmer’s character, an arrogant warrior named Madmartigan, gives Willow a boost on his shoulders. Apparently, it was an arduous journey.

He got tired.

Thanks for the bad film cred, Val!


One thought on “Willow

  1. If that is all you can come up with for ‘willow’, then it just goes to show you what a masterpiece it truly was!!!

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