The Last Dragon

By Sarah Sanders

Bruce Leeroy Green catches a bullet with teeth in The Last Dragon (1985).

Bruce Leeroy Green and the strongest teeth in the world.

This is the scene that started it all.

I was 8, my sister 10, and The Last Dragon played everyday on HBO. And we watched it Every Single Day. It was that good. In retrospect, it wasn’t. But I think we were drawn to its absurd mix of cheese and sincerity. The plot involves a naive black martial artist named Bruce Leeroy Green seeking “The Glow” while being pursued by an angry mobster-turned-record-producer named Eddy Arkadian. And this guy…

Sho'nuff, the Shogun of Harlem

Bruce Leeroy Green’s bullet catch embodies the moment when the movie moves beyond it’s own ridiculousness and lands on a whole other level. The scene is the movie’s “bad film cred” – the threshold in which The Last Dragon becomes memorable, not lame.

You might forget that Eddy Arkadian has his own tank of piranha or that Prince’s protege Vanity had a career, but you always remember that Bruce Leeroy Green caught a bullet with his teeth. When normal people get shot in the head from five feet away, they explode. When it happens to Bruce Leeroy, he merely rolls over and spits the bullet back because He Is Tha Masta.

Cred is hard to come by, but when you get it, you become legendary. This blog is dedicated to the moments that define bad movies and make them unforgettable.

Thanks for reading.


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