Why We Love: Ray Liotta

By Nicole Sanders

Try to look away. Just try.

1. Mastered the impossible feat of making violence, drug abuse, women beating, murder, bad Jersey accents and tacky nylon suits look undeniably sexy in GoodFellas.
2. Is always yelling.
3. Was the best part of Heartbreakers.
4. Seems to be always bloated.


Step Brothers

By Sarah Sanders

Thank you to Horatio Sanz for coming out of the woodwork to make this scene awesome.

“We strictly do 80’s Joel music, sir.”
Kudos also on the Christie Brinkley look-a-like. Essential to the cover band.


By Sarah Sanders

The genius of Anaconda (1997) lies in the fact that it took three (3!) writers to come up with the brilliant idea of havingĀ an insane snake hunter hijack a documentary film crew lost on a river boat in the Amazon. It probably took them 30 minutes to jot down the entire plot, 28 minutes of which were most likely spent discussing how awesome it would be if Jon Voight (with a ponytail) was swallowed by the anaconda then Spit. Back. Out. And wouldn’t it just be the most badass thing if he then winked, too.

I think those three guys were on to something.